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Sharing the Joy

It was May of 2012 when I was taught how to kayak. My friend took me out to Center Hill lake got me in a boat and starting teaching me to roll. It was scary at first, being strapped in a kayak that could flip at any moment, but I stuck with it. We went… Continue Reading

Big South Fork: A Guaranteed Adventure

The Big South Fork River and Recreation Area may possibly be the final frontier of climbing in the Southeast. An area of incredible sandstone that stretches over 90 miles from Kentucky to Tennessee. This line of rock is home to Kentucky’s Red River Gorge and tons of unclimbed rock between the two. An area that… Continue Reading

Looking Glass, North Carolina

When the sun shines equally on both of Mother Earths’ hemispheres, chances are you can find me in North Carolina climbing on some sloped, featureless granite. Like a werewolf is to a full moon, the equinox of spring and fall seems to pull me toward a beautiful remote place in the Pisgah National Forest called… Continue Reading

Keep Moving Forward

The world is moving. Things around us are building momentum, growing, and changing. This involved you. Every day we make a choice on what to learn/do. It can be about chemistry, a new hiking trail, a new series on TV, or about the next river you want to paddle. With this comes failure. This is… Continue Reading

Winter Creeking Season is Upon Us

My favorite time of the year is here!  Winter is the greatest time of year for paddling.  A lot of family and friends think I am crazy (well maybe a little bit) when winter rolls around and I get excited about the rain and what’s to come.  Most people wish for mild and sunny winter… Continue Reading

Why Patagonia?

-Posted by Brandon Stephenson The outdoor apparel game is a crowded get-up. The options are endless, from your budget-buy from your local sporting goods store all the way up to the North Face or Columbia jacket you ask for at Christmas. But in such a crowded field, how can you tell what you are getting… Continue Reading


More often than not in these past few years I have found myself face to face with a need for balance. I’m not sure that this has always been a conscious motivation, but for whatever reason – that word – or actually the act itself (of balance) keeps resurfacing. Last week I was on Jekyll… Continue Reading

Turning Left

Today was the day – well, maybe- I hadn’t quite made my mind up yet as I was peddling my bike towards the stop sign.  I was a bit rattled after starting my morning with one of those hit-gravel-while-feet-are-attached-to-pedal-slow-motion-crash moments.  So, I was still in the midst of my grumbling and self talk as I… Continue Reading